Our Staff Our certified and experienced staff are here to provide the best learning experience for the children. We have learned to work well together to provide the best learning experience for the children. We all have an overriding love and respect for children. We will have one head teacher and one assistant teacher in each class.  
Our Mission We will make our children feel safe, secure and loved.  We will  provide an education that provides academics as well as lessons for a healthy life style.  We will help the children develop social skills that will continue throughout their lives.
We appreciate that you are allowing us to teach your child, and we will do everything in our power to keep them safe and well cared for. At Building Blocks, we strongly believe in the importance of healthy eating and exercise.  It is too easy for children to become dependent upon television and video games.  We want to help your child learn that exercise can be fun, and that healthy eating can be delicious.  We have a large indoor area, which is used for our exercise session.  The children dance and exercise along with our special exercise CDs, as well as walk on the balance beam, and jump on our small trampoline.  They will stretch, hop, and crawl through our obstacle course.  Our outside playground allows them to enjoy our climbing wall, as well as climb the ladder and steps on our swing set and slides.    Our large kitchen gives the children the chance to cook their snack once a week.  They will be able to see, smell, feel and mix the ingredients, while learning the importance of each food group.  A healthy snack, such as fruit, cheese, or pretzels is served each day with 100% juice (and no cookies, chips, or snack cakes).