Fall Schedule Ages 21/2, 3 and 4 years: Tuesday and Thursday or Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 9:15-11:45am 12:30-3:00pm Flexible hours: please call for info
Summer too!
Curriculum 21/2 year olds: We believe that play is the most important way for a child to learn. The 21/2 year olds learn to pretend in the dramatic play room, learn through creation in our learning room, and experience music, cooking, ball-play and yoga. They will also experience story time and finger play songs each day. They will play each day in our outdoor playground or large indoor room.  They will learn the importance of sharing, cooperating and listening.  Three year olds: The 3 year olds will experience the same fun as the 21/2 year olds but at a higher learning level. They will learn colors, shapes, patterns, science basics, numbers and the alphabet. They will have fun during our cooking lessons and learn why healthy eating is important. They will learn the importance of exercise as they learn to catch and throw balls, as well as run, dance and learn to relax in our yoga class. They will also learn the social skills of sharing, cooperating, and taking turns. Four year olds: The 4 year olds will have the same learning experience as the 21/2 and 3 year olds, but at a higher learning level.  They will learn basic science and math skills, as well as the alphabet.  The children are taught the basic high frequency words as they begin to read and write.  Our goal for this age group is to thoroughly prepare them for kindergarten by using the New York State Common Core Standards.  The children will learn to measure in our cooking class, and learn the importance of exercise in our movement and yoga classes.  Team sports are introduced to them when we play soccer, basketball and T-ball.  We are confident that they will proudly graduate from Building Blocks Preschool with the knowledge and confidence needed for kindergarten.
Tuition September 2019 Two half-day sessions*    $190 a month Three half-day sessions* $255 a month Five half-day sessions*    $370 a month Summer Program 2019  The children will enjoy water play in the sprinkler and the water tables. We will have a special day once a week such as luau day, beach party day, pajama party day, create an ice cream sundae day, or create a pizza day. We will do an art project each day, as well as story time, songs, and snack. Our summer program ends with an exciting carnival for all to attend. Tuition (amount shown is for the entire six week program):   2 half-days a week*    $260  3 half-days a week*    $365 4 half-days a week*     $470 5 half-days a week*     $555  * mornings or afternoons A deposit of $50 is required at registration.  Of that amount $25 will be credited towards the 1st month’s tuition (remainder to supplies).  *mornings or afternoons A deposit of $50 is required at registration.  Of that amount, $25 will be credited toward tuition (remainder to supplies).
No registration fees